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Job Categories

The Categories of personnel available in Nepal for foreign employment are classified into the following groups.


Typically refer to individuals who perform manual labour or routine tasks that do not require specialized training, education or significant work experience. They are the most common category of workers and an important part of many industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and hospitality.


They have a basic level of training that enables them to perform tasks that require some training or experience, but not specialized education or training. Semi-skilled workers may work in areas such as manufacturing, construction, and maintenance, and may perform tasks such as welding, machine operation, or basic electrical work.


Skilled workers are individuals who have acquired specialized knowledge, training, and experience in a particular field or trade. They typically undergo formal education or apprenticeships to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. Skilled workers have the ability to perform complex tasks and solve problems efficiently and effectively.


Professional workers are individuals who have acquired specialized education and training in a particular field or discipline and possess advanced knowledge and skills. They are typically employed in fields such as law, medicine, engineering, accounting, finance, education, and management, among others.

Unskilled Worker

General Worker
Office Boys/Dispatch Boys
Construction Workers
Agriculture Workers

Semi-skilled/Skilled workers

Heavy Driver/ Light Vehicle Driver
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics/ Heavy Duty Vehicle and Light Car Mechanics
Denters/ Painters of Vehicles
Worker for Textile/ Garment Factories
Hotel Personnel (Waiters, Cook, Bakers, Chefs, etc)
Carpenters (Furniture)

Professional Worker

Professor/Teachers in various Field
Banking Specialist
Doctors: Specialists, General, Physicians, Dental Surgeon

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Professor/Teachers in various Field


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